Best Kitchen Knives : Knives You Need In Your Kitchen

We all love cooking; at least I know I do. Even if you don’t love cooking, I am very sure you do love food.

I mean, who doesn’t, right? For those of us who love cooking, you will agree with me that there is nothing more annoying than a dysfunctional knife, right?

Be it blunt, worn out or the wrong type of knife, the fact still remains, it is a major buzz kill. But don’t worry, I got you covered. If you have any of these three knives (which I believe are the best knives), your cooking experience will be as smooth as butter.

Chef’s Knife

When I am all clad in my white apron and a toque Blanche, the only thing left for me to feel like a super professional chef is a chef’s knife. You know, large, long, pointed at the edge, the type of knife you wouldn’t let an eight-year-old near.

The beauty of it is that it is an all purpose knife. I can use it to cut meat, vegetables, large fruits, you name it. I also get to feel like a pro while doing it.

Bread Knife

We all have a bread knife. It is the only knife the kids are allowed to touch when they are carelessly spreading butter on their bread before they have breakfast and rush to school.

You can’t really do much with it other than cutting bread, cakes and maybe butter. However, this is on kitchen knife you wouldn’t want to miss. It always comes in handy when you least expect it.

Fruit Knife (Paring knife)

When I need to unwind and watch a program or two while eating a mango, orange or an apple, this is my go-to knife. It is small and easy to handle.

It is the kind of knife you can walk around with without looking dangerous because, even though it is sharp and somehow pointed, it is nothing but a small, harmless fruit knife. It is perfect when dealing with small kitchen ingredients.


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