How Do You Find The Top Juice Extractor

There’s no doubt that fruits and vegetables hold nutritional value. Vitamins and Minerals needed by our bodies on a regular can be found in some of your favorite and least favorite fruits. However, not everyone likes to physically eat there fruits and vegetables, especially children So how do we get them to partake in essential minerals and nutrients.

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Juicing has become a trend among nutrition and fitness enthusiast. Those looking to lose weight often times go through a juice cleanse. Frequent fresh juice drinkers will tell you that traditional blenders are no longer being used. Finding the best piece of machine that specialize in extracting the most benefits out of your fruits and vegetables is key. Avoiding waste is always important. So here are a few tips to help you find the top juice extractor.

What to look for when buying a juicer

Ease of use

When buying a new piece of equipment it’s important to know how easily your task can be conducted. You don’t want to not be able to use your new juicer because its so complicated. You can to ensure your juicer is easy to assemble, disassemble and clean when necessary. Keep in mind however that the simpler your juicer the less functions it will have. Some juicers are able to multitask and create other things such as pasta.

Some juicers have large tubes where fruits go in and this lowers the time spent chopping up fruits into small bits. These types also don’t clog as much and have been said to produce more juice. Another factor may be how fast your juicier works. Though you may be tempter to purchase one that operates faster, slower ones have been known to produce more quantity and quality juices.


It may not be in your budget to spend hundreds investing in a brand new juicer, especially if you’re new. When looking at price its important to consider the over upkeep of your machine and also the initial cost. Will it last you longer than a week before you need to purchase a new one? Its wise to invest the money in a reliable machine that just simply purchasing the cheapest one on the market.

Noise level

Ever tried blending fruits and ended up waking your entire house up? That’s something you may want to avoid with your new juicer. Especially when your looking to use it very often, noise is a factor to consider. Typically, cheaper faster models are louder then slower more expensive juicers. These may be the one you need to ensure peace is kept in your home.


No one wants their juicer to be taking over the entire counter. Especially if your trying to multitask in the kitchen or need space to cut up the fruits. The size of your juicer is important. You don’t want a large machine that can’t be easily stored and has to be left out. It will give your counters the appearance of clutter. Smaller compact machines are typically preferred.