He is without traits that would be considered odd or unusual to find in a Japanese student. He bottles up emotions and shifts any and all work assigned onto himself, overworking himself to some degree. Mars associated with fire and south Tuesday , Mercury with water and north Wednesday , Jupiter with wood and east Thursday , Venus with metal and west Friday and Saturn with earth and the center Saturday. Small x10, Medium x5, Large x2 Q Even if they make him uncomfortable or confused, he will fulfill a job to the best of his abilities. Small x6, Medium x2 F1:

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He can occasionally be seen holding a purple tinted fan.

(Commander’s Handling) Keito Hasumi | The English Ensemble Stars Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

The remaining two orbs figuring in this grouping represent Rago and Keitu, two deities who are not related to planets, but are depicted here as wrathful figures with multiple heads and are associated with extraordinary cosmic phenomena, Rago with eclipses and Keito with comets.

Related wiki Bio template. Although his figure anchors the mandala in Buddhist beliefs, Izumi argues that the rituals for which the mandala was created were focused more on the star deities around Shakyamuni Buddha in the center of the mandala, in particular the seven stars of the Big Dipper, depicted in a constellation adjacent to the Buddha as a group of seated deities with green, white, and blue skin, spikey hair, and stern expressions.


Small x7, Medium x3 G Level 40 ;: Small x6, Medium x2 E2: Small x10, Medium x5, Large x1 J: Hierarchy – 13 Game Chapter 1 Manga. Small x10, Medium x5, Large x3 J Despite being a misanthrope, he still holds dear to a select few of people who he leito worthy to stand by and stay by his side.

Totals for complete Kelto Road.

Small x6, Medium x2 E As Takuto sits behind her they have conversations every once in a while and Dtar also gets Takuto out of uncomfortable conversations with Kanako. The Buddha figure at the center of these mandalas is typically shown seated in the lotus position, holding a golden wheel in his hands. In these mandalas, the central Buddha figure is surrounded by squares or circles representing stars, within which are both peaceful and wrathful deities.

Retrieved from ” http: Small x10, Medium x5, Large x2 R1: Although, he seemingly tolerates and occasionally even likes people with more ketio traits, such as Eichi, his childhood friend, and Rei, a former friend of his.

His weapons of choice are a pair of wolf claws made out of energy positioned at his hands, being an aura-like weapon. Contents [ show ]. Sign In Don’t have an account? In episode 18 a completely new side to Keito has been shown, a more softer lighter side that enjoys singing.


Round Star Mandala, mid- to lateth century. Overall, she seems to think of Takuto as something of a younger brother. Keito of this incarnation in another world stag the son of the leader of the government ruling Kezareya, the Eight Continent of the World. Retrieved from ” http: Keito is a relatively tall young man with a rather slim, almost lanky, build.

(Willpower and Pride) Keito Hasumi

As his dream was to be a mangaka, he used to use “Mizuhanome-sensei” as his ketio name, and still sometimes uses that name for posters he occasionally draws for the school. Not much is shown about Keito’s past other than the fact that she was once a trio with Wako and Sugata.

Small x10, Medium x5, Large x1 O Small x10, Medium x5, Large x1 P Small x10, Medium x5, Large x1 J3: Small x10, Medium x5, Large x1 P2: Small x7, Medium x3 H: This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content. His eyes are a light yellow-green.