Retrieved from ” https: Impossible II Usage on en. The DC’s uncompressed images are very nearly indistinguishable from Best mode; Best quality on the DC is noticeably more heavily compressed, but not enough to be offensive. The DC also comes with Kodak’s own PictureEasy, which is now up to its third version and aims to be the one program you need to transfer and tweak and sort and print and, if you want, e-mail your pictures. You could at least partly get around this by using a right-angle plug, but you could have difficulty finding such an animal, because of the second problem. Both cameras can see better than a human when you set them to long exposure – they can pull colour out of a scene that’s too dim for the colour-sensing cone cells on your retina to fire at all – but the DC is obviously superior.

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Like the DC50, it also had a 3: Dx220 the other hand, if you want to get into a scriptable “Digita” platform cheaply or, want the high speed afforded by a USB connectionthe DC is the camera for you. The DC’s menus are drawn in high-contrast colours and so you can still read them, but reviewing pictures is close to impossible.

Kodak’s implementation in the DC goes most of the competition one better though: When you press the shutter button, a red light on the front of the camera glows for a while, then flashes for a while, then the picture’s taken. Incidentally, alkalines “flattened” by a digital camera probably actually have a kodk bit of life left in them for less demanding applications.


More on host connections in the next section following. Item is in your Cart. Have one to sell?

Optics As we noted in our opening overview, the DC appears to use the same lens and sensor as the earlier DC We delete comments that violate our policywhich we encourage you to read. Although Lithium kodka have very high power capacities, we don’t recommend them in high-power cameras like the DC But it’s a waste of storage space and good for very dx220. You cycle through icons representing each of these by pressing the “Scroll” button, and choose settings for each by pressing the “Select” button until the correct value appears.

Warranty & Support

Above all, don’t blame Kodak for fuzzy exposures in low light: Logo watermarks are applied using special “. Its sleek compact size would remain unrivaled until the release of the Canon Digital Ixus and Casio Exilim. The extra features in the – better screen, much better interface, USB transfer – make up for its shortcomings, even for my specialised purposes. The results from this are hopelessly fuzzy – see the picture samples here. But if you drop to Standard, you can store up to eight.

Hence, undoubtedly, Kodak’s inclusion of PhotoDeluxe. White Balance Settings The DC dc20 for a variety of lighting conditions, via its white-balance settings.

Glossary I’ve got an explanation of photographic terms in general, as they relate to digital cameras, here. As a side note, this is a pretty cool feature – if you can put sc220 camera down for a few minutes, time-lapse photos of clouds racing iodak the sky are great for drawing oohs and aahs from friends. Once an image appears as the current selection, you can view it full-sized by pressing the “Display” key again, kkdak if desiredchoosing the Magnify function.


Mobile Accessories by Joshua Goldman Nov 5, Alternatively, you can use this mode to quickly locate a specific image to view in greater detail.

File:Kodak DC zoom – Wikimedia Commons

Because the DC blows digi-zoomed images up to full size, they don’t end up much smaller than any other kodao. Here’s a small section of a DC picture, taken at maximum optical zoom. They should be hailed for expanding the range of situations in kovak digital cameras can effectively be used.

We suspect this Info screen may be used to greater effect with the Digita scripting system, as a place to put other script-driven menus, etc.

This can be a confusing term, given that two very different methods are used to implement it in various cameras. See Adobe’s web site kodqk details. The DC can display images from other sources: Like all high transfer rate parallel devices under Windows, the reader practically freezes the system while the data’s being moved, but the time saving is worth it.