I didn’t specially overclock the core in fact, I’m not up to overclocking, this data is provided only as a reference, because you cannot draw conclusions from the overclocking potential of a SPECIFIC card sample. So, what is ? The box is colorful and attractive. RightMark 3D Thus, on the whole: Stock level indicator Close.

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NVIDIA GeForce with its core overclocked to MHz – confirms the above, the effect is almost twice as great, though percentage wise the core was overclocked less than the sseries.

Items that are bought by us when a purchase is made, this generally is for highly expensive items, items with a very slow run rate or speciality items. The bundle is fit for a king! But for all that FX XT has only 4 pipelines and 8 texture units compare with nxx6800 pipelines and 12 texture units.

MSI NX6800-TD256E Manuals

I note once again that this sample is equipped with 16 pipelines instead of Code Creatures Thus, on the whole: The Awakening Test results: Besides, the Arctic Cooling cooler is almost noiseless, and overheating is not an option with It has a flap lid, which covers a window demonstrating the card.

Astounding package contents makes this video card a cherished purchase for those who have USD for a state-of-the-art 3D-accelerator the retail price for early august in Moscow.

BioShock Infinite and Metro: And now let’s set the slider to minimum: And due to the fact that the core of the Galaxy card operates at MHz instead of MHz, we shall be able to learn how strong the influence of GPU frequency raise is with the same CPU bus bandwidth it’s really interesting how effective the memory resource saving technologies are with this relatively low bandwidth.


Looking at this strikingly effective cooling system, which occupies only one slot, we decided to check 1 what will happen to the temperature condition if we set the fan rpm slider to minimum; 2 how this cooler will operate in GeForce Ultra, considering that the PCB mounting holes are identical.

It’s certainly well worth your while to check out. That’s very strange, it’s most likely the drivers’ fault, they must have overloaded the card mei heavy modes.

MSI NX6800-TD256E graphics card – GF 6800 – 256 MB Series

The device is firmly attached to the card with 8 screws nc6800 screws at chip corners, and 4 screws between memory chips. A powerful fan is on the left, it can operate at rpm, but this revolution frequency is either seties by the driver in case of graphic processor overheating, or it is specified by a slider on top of the heatsink.

Yes, I have touched above the topic about the card from Galaxy. Perhaps we should have increased rpm, but this cooler can hardly handle it.

MSI NVIDIA GeForce (NXTDE) MB DDR SDRAM PCI Express x16 Graphics adapter | eBay

Note that the bundle contains two modern games: MSI is by no means the only company doing this, but I think it’s high time that the computer parts industry took the same responsible approach to packaging that the video game industry adopted a few years ago. It’s a very effective cooling system, which, despite its high rpms, has a silent fan-turbine blowing out the air from the system serise, unlike the previous one.



Now about overclocking the video card from MSI. I think that there hx6800 no need in telling you about the MSI company, it’s the oldest brand in our market, its video cards have been known since Call of Duty, ixbt04 Thus, on the whole: You can Pay with: But the cooling systems in these cards are different.

Stock level indicator Close. Our tests will demonstrate exactly how faster it is. RightMark 3D Thus, on the whole: What our customers say about us 4. As you change the options, the stock status will automatically update depending on your selection. You shouldn’t also forget that MSI offers almost the best bundle for its video cards we have ever seen.

RightMark 3D Test results: The item is out of stock and estimated delivery date is not known at this time.