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Processes for extracting ideas from a stimulus

1. Extract a concept or principle from the stimulus and reuse it
How does it work? What does it achieve?
How does it achieve it?
What does the stimulus do?
In what order does it work?
Who is involved? and why?
2. Extract a feature from the stimulus and reuse it
What are its physical attributes?
Why is it that shape?
What process is involved? and why?
Who is crucial to its success?
What is the timing of events?
3. Extract a positive attribute from the stimulus and try to replicate it
What is good about the stimulus?
Why is the stimulus good at what it does?
How does it succeed?
In what situations does it work best?
4. Extract the differences between the stimulus and the current solution
How do the stimulus and the current solution achieve the same thing, but in a different way? Why does the stimulus do something one way and the current solution another? What is the difference in physical characteristics? What is the difference in process? In what way are they used differently?

Merge the stimulus and probortunity and then reapply the processes of extraction on the mixture

After you have exhausted extracting the initial ideas from the stimulus itself, you should merge the stimulus into the current situation and use the same idea extraction principles described above to the new mixed product. Remember, this involves using your imagination - which is a lot cheaper than physical experimentation - and that you're only using it to stimulate new ideas; it does not matter if the intermediate ideas don't work.

Physically include the stimulus in the current situation and see what happens

Physically include part of the stimulus in the current situation and see what happens

Take a part of the stimulus (eg. a feature, a process, a physical section, a person involved, ...) and place that into the current problem situation and examine what happens. Start extracting the principles and ideas as before. Look at the intermediate idea on a frame-by-frame basis and examine under what circumstances the idea would be useful and generally find some beneficial ideas you can reuse and reapply.

When the stimulus is a question you should do the following:

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