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What is Brainstorming?

Brainstorming is the name given to a situation when a group of people meet to generate new ideas around a specific area of interest. Using rules which remove inhibitions, people are able to think more freely and move into new areas of thought and so create numerous new ideas and solutions. The participants shout out ideas as they occur to them and then build on the ideas raised by others. All the ideas are noted down and are not criticized. Only when the brainstorming session is over are the ideas evaluated.

This is the traditional way brainstorming is done. The aim of this website is to train you in the methods of traditional brainstorming and then to move on and discover a series of advanced techniques available to you.

Some other definitions:

So there you have it: brainstorming will help you come up with new ideas. And not only will you come up with new ideas but you will do so with surprisingly little effort. Brainstorming makes the generation of new ideas easy and is a tried-and-tested process. Exactly what you apply brainstorming techniques to depends on what you want to achieve. You can apply them to develop new products, services and processes in your job, or you can apply them to develop your personal life.

You can think of this as either a holistic experience if you are naturally creative, or if you are naturally logical then you can think of it as a process of following logical rules which will stimulate your mind to think of a problem from a different angle.

If you follow the brainstorming rules then brainstorming will work whatever your personal style. Naturally, there are techniques and environments which suit certain people better than others but brainstorming is flexible enough to be able to suit everyone. Whether you do brainstorming with a group of excited colleagues or you do advanced brainstorming by yourself in an isolated room will be up to your personal preference and circumstance. Both will be successful if you read and follow the pages on this website. We also introduce the use of specialized computer software to aid your brainstorming sessions.

Traditional Brainstorming

The normal view of brainstorming is where a group of people sit in a room and shout out ideas as they occur to them. They are told to lose their inhibitions and that no ideas will be judged so that people are free to shout out any ideas at all without feeling uncomfortable. People should build on the ideas called out by other participants. The purpose of this is to gain as many ideas as possible for later analysis. Out of the many ideas suggested there will be some of great value. Because of the free-thinking environment, the session will help promote radical new ideas which break free from normal ways of thinking.

Advanced Brainstorming

The model we propose is an extension of the traditional brainstorming scenario and makes the whole process easier and more effective. Advanced brainstorming builds on the current methods of brainstorming to produce more original ideas in a more efficient way. Specialized techniques, better processes and better awareness, combined with new technologies, make traditional brainstorming a less frustrating process. Most of the problems associated with traditional brainstorming disappear as a more effective process is used. Keep on reading for more details of how you can do advanced brainstorming for great profit to you and your organization.

Advanced brainstorming uses:

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