Bottom Line The iRiver S10 is a great model in the entry level digital music player market. Arch, loop, and whorl identification aside, the D-Click system is responsive and more comfortable to use than a standard navigation pad, which on a player of this size would be very, very small. Pros Tiny design, Reasonably broad list of features, Intuitive controls. And that’s why patience isn’t really a virtue. Read on to find out in longwinded fashion, of course why patience isn’t really a virtue. It gives the player a hint of iridescence that’s really quite nice.

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Cons Sound still a little lacking, Battery life is poor. The screen can be flipped degrees, which is a nice though useless option. The S10 includes three screen saver options: If irive want the backlight to always stay on, you need to select “off.

Irivfr of the pitfalls of having cubed dimensions, I suppose. It offered a relatively dark sound, with lingering bass and strong presence across the whole lower register. I don’t know about other places, but Warehouse I was surprised how tight it fit.

At the time of this writing Novemberwhat other players have that it doesn’t is U.

When the diminutive iriver S10 digital audio player DAP made its debut on tech sites in September, many were disappointed though not surprised that it would be available only in South Korea. Unlike the actual player, iriver plus 3 supports album art. Iriiver content onto the player, as you can see, is very easy. Accessories box This one fits perfectly into the main box, so it has the same angled corner.


iRiver S10 (1GB)

As is, there’s no way to tell whether the player won’t turn on because the controls are locked or because the battery is dead. The interface is clean and user-friendly.

That’s the disposable screen protector supplied by iriver on the face of the player, not the one in Warehouse’s bonus kit. It looks and feels Instead of album art, the interface displays a musical note that dances and spins.

iRiver S10 (2GB) review: iRiver S10 (2GB) – CNET

Scrolling speed is decent irjver it loops around itself forever i. The actual edges of the screen act as the player’s main controls, so the glossy plastic surface is great for itiver detectives who need to brush up on fingerprint patterns. In short, the S10 is an all-around attractive gadget that stands out iriverr other indistinguishable players in its class.

View our privacy policy before signing up. The design team at iriver is obviously part of the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” camp because the S10 looks just like a irjver clix.

The S10 is a s110 little DAP that does so much so well. Longer irlver life and increased storage capacity would be welcomed improvements, sure, but both are becoming such standard complaints that I don’t consider them to be deal breakers.

I suppose the black background enhances and makes everything pop. Sound quality is definitely an area where the player soars. This is the first DAP I’ve owned that’s commanded my attention while it was still in the box. Even though it’s only 1.


We tested the radio, and found it was quite good, achieving excellent reception despite its rather small size. Little contextual graphics appear within the various screens and menus to indicate which side accomplishes what. Now, iRiver is selling the stylish 2GB Flash player stateside and it’s much of what we expected: Additional folders can be added but of course they won’t be viewable on the device. The auto scan worked well and we would recommend the S10 if you want some FM radio to complement your stored music.

We wouldn’t be happy watching any sort of video files on it, but for menu navigation and photo viewing it is more than adequate. The final accessory and one you don’t want to lose is the mini USB adapter, which is required for idiver the device and loading it up with content via good ole’ UMS drag-and-drop or the included software. On the playback screen, for example, pressing up on the display goes back one track, clicking down shuttles forward, and pressing right pauses playback.